Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where the line is drawn

Ok so from time to time I hear people elaborate on wild arguments they've had with their "SO", and back in my stupidity age....I have been called names and likewise, I've returned the favor. One incident comes to SO at the time and I got into a real name calling session...words like "muthafuka", and "bitch".... were words of choice...I know...sigh...WWJD, I was pissed..he was pissed, it was unreal, and very unlike me.

After it was over...I couldn't believe it....of course it was over and we both moved on, and after that happens you just can't go back, I do not understand how people do....

That was the last and only time that has happened. My husband and I have never got into an argument like that. I just don't get it, if your homegirl called you a "bitch (if she was serious)", and a "muthafucka", would you be cool with her the next day? Probably NOT!

I think that if a relationship gets to the point where name calling takes place it's time to roll....right? Can you disrespect someone like that and then say "baby, I love you"....hell nah!!!


Blogger tory said...

wow... can't say that i've let an argument go into the area of name calling. matter of fact, i don't even allow for people to raise their voices at me in arguments. i consider myself a stable and rational person, however, i don't trust myself in situations where people allow their emotions to fly as i may become unhinged. now, if i've done wrong or acted with ill intentions, i wll admit it, but all the yelling and cursing really gets in the way of understanding. my personal testimony aside, ummmmm yea, i can't really see myself with a woman that has a history of disrespecting me.

June 20, 2008 at 5:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience, I can say with full confidence that I will NEVER again allow myself to divulge in a situation in which name calling is part of a disagreement. What people say to each other in anger is oft vicious and hard to compensate for with a simple "sorry".
Men are to make their women feel adored and protected..women are to uplift their men and be their voice of reason when all things seem to go awry. How can you possibly achieve these things when you are consistent in bringing down each others' characters in arguments? Mature love doesn't understand how to do this.


June 23, 2008 at 10:59 AM  

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