Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm getting a DIVORCE

from Blogger that is.....me and Blogger finally had it out, I'm sick and tired of having tweak my page SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I have a new one please save the new link to my NEW and IMPROVED blog over at wordpress, see below!


Monday, August 18, 2008


I am currently trying to fix issues I'm having with this template, having issues with font and words disappearing......

Sunday, August 17, 2008

In a musical mood.....tonight.



Dorothy Moore


Alexander ONeal & Cherrelle

Michael Mcdonald....this is for ElRaymundo...he knows why

Enough said....................I hope you are ready.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I BEG you.............stop.

How the #%#% do you forget a baby in the car ....

WTF - How in the hell do people seriously forget this. Exactly what type of CRACK do you have to smoke to forget a child in the car at your job....seriously. I can't say that I think people "forget", I think people like this kill children, and get away with it....if I sound irrational, it's cause I'm pissed, this makes me sick.

3-Year-Old Tried To Save Self From Heat

HOUSTON -- A 3-year-old boy who died when he was left inside a pickup truck tried to save himself from the sweltering heat, detectives told KPRC Local 2.

"The child was aware," said Lt. John Denholm of the Harris County Sheriff's Office. "He was trying to get out, trying to survive."

Cameron Thomas Boone, 3, fought for his life inside a sweltering pickup truck in the parking lot of North Cypress Medical Center on Thursday.

Investigators said Boone got out of his car seat, found an extra key and tried to put it in the ignition.

"It's like he was trying to put a window down or open a door but was unable to," said Denholm.

Detectives said Cameron's mother was supposed to drop off her son at day care around 6 a.m., before heading to work at the hospital, but forgot.

"She just has to be distraught right now," said a hospital employee who did not want to be named.

Fellow employees said Boone's mother works as an operating room technician. They were shocked the incident happened just outside a hospital.

"How could somebody do that? How could you forget your son inside a truck?" said one employee.

Detectives said the mother arrived at work at 6:30 a.m. and did not realize her son was in the truck until her shift was over at 3:30 p.m.

"Her clicker wouldn't work," said Denholm. "She goes to check, why not; there's her son."

He was in the front seat, where he apparently tried to get out. When the mother found him and could not get in, she smashed the back window and rushed him into the emergency room, but it was too late. Detectives said he likely died several hours earlier.

Detectives said temperatures can reach 150 degrees inside a vehicle in less than 30 minutes.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office will determine if Boone's mother will face any charges.


When “MOST” people look at Barak, they see a black man, period. Therefore he is considered by most to be black, true or false?

What is he to you?

My view:

I view him as both...I think. I struggle with this at times. He looks like a black man to me. Our spectrums are so vast it’s hard to classify a black person from an outward appearance and associate them with one particular race when the African ancestry shines through the most.

Coming from a multiracial family myself, it's really hard to view this situation without injecting some degree of ambiguity with regard to race, after all, most black people in America and the Caribbean....are indeed just like Barak, yet we often claim one side of our heritage, why is that? Is it because of the history of our multicultural origination, i.e., miscegenation of slavery? Do we deny it because of it's horrid past?

He has my vote. No matter what. If Obama was pink, he would be my choice.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I found an old love letter that my husband wrote me while we were on hiatus...

BMPP Warning: Boring married person post - May required barf bag....prepare yourself.

and sigh....I love him so much. He is really adorable. As we speak, I'm hunched over typing in bed, and he's right here by my side snuggled up next to me, KNOCKED the FUG out. I love my Stinks....even though he has this damn wave cap on...yall know I have issues with "Wave Caps, Du-Rags, Nanny-Rags" etc...on anyone, I hate them....but he gets a pass.

Anyway, I love this Sexy Caramel thang laying next to me.....

For the Love of God...please tell me why this brother is so DAMNED FINE

David Oliver - Go Olympics

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Homogenous Society

I was just thinking how horrible it would be if I woke up tommorrow and we all looked alike....

I know what boys like.....

My best friend and I were having a long conversation regarding marriage yesterday. We delved off into all sorts of theories about why men choose to marry certain women and not others. Apparently she discussed this with another girlfriend, and reached the conclusion that she had “married off” all of her previous beaus. This challenged me to think about past relationships of my own, I can look back and pretty much pinpoint why certain things didn’t work out. In my relationship prior to my current marriage, I simply tried too hard. Ok, so what does that mean exactly? It means I was the 70% and he was the 30%.

1. I was too aggressive.
2. I was selfish when it came to listening; I wanted to talk all the time…which hasn’t changed much.
3. I was anxious because I felt like a big clock was ticking……and I had to beat it.
4. I felt like I had to edit my conversation some days, and talk about his interest only….which totally contradicts #1, but that’s how it played out. Go figure.
5. I forgot about me.
6. I spent most of my time with him, and didn’t cater to my real friends as much as I should have.
7. I lost myself….for 4 years.
8. I didn’t believe in personal space anymore.
9. I could go on and on….thus refer to #2.

So, what exactly makes men/women choose some over others?

I think men think about several things when it comes to choosing a mate:

1. Control…. the ability to control yo’ mouf! Sometimes…we need to shut it up.
2. Aggressiveness…I think men are attracted to this, but sometimes they like the damsel in distress…I know you’ve read this in Cosmo.
3. Anger……No man wants to be with a looney toon, God knows I’ve done the fool in the past.
4. Freakaleek…..Don’t be a prude, every man likes a freak behind closed doors, don’t fake the funk. All that rules stuff is for da Birds!
5. How is she going to look after 3 kids and my crazy ass…will she still be tight?

So what else should we add…..what do you think……#6 anyone?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My America....

Have you guys seen/heard the recap of Marvin Gays's version of the National Athem...in heavy rotation on the new Nike commercial for the Olympics. Man I felt that.

When I think of America, the good and bad, this could be the score I tell you.....

Who is down?

Celebrating the Natural Mystics....

Monday, August 11, 2008

Do you have a doggie?

If so, what kind of doggie?

Bob never looked better ;)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Grandma called it " The Sugar"

Did you guys have grandparents that had alternate names for things. Many of the old folks I grew up around called diabetes "The Sugar".

***this was inspired by watching the "Paula Dean" cooking show this morning...it was country as hell....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Updated: Yall I saw my baby in 4d this morning....enjoy....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brain Dump

Why did that guy behead that kid on the bus in Canada, was he possessed...is schizophrenia just a front for really crazy people?
Should people with mental health issues be allowed to reproduce?
What happens to poor people who have mental issues?
How do lonely people cope?
Where the hell is Rashonda? Is she ok?
Is my cousin really inlove?
I can't believe my little sister is pregnant too.
I need to study....more.
I need to buy a red curtain to finish off the baby's room.
I miss my granny.
I hope this new breast mass I have is nothing serious and an auxiliary nipple or fatty tissue that is benign...I have my breast ultrasound tom morrow...pray for me.
I'm sleepy.
The next place we buy needs to have a mother-in law's suite for my mom.
I am going to write my deadbeat dad a letter and tell him how I really feel.
Why do some black men automatically assume that black women always have an attitude? Why do I sometimes agree?
I can't believe tickets to Houston around XMAS are $688.00 one way...I think we might drive this XMAS....it might actually be fun, perhaps i'll stop in ATL or New Orleans overnight.
I'm ready to go on maternity leave early.
My baby just kicked the crap out of me.
I wouldn't be surprised if my child was stone cold assassin...his parents love adventure.
Sometimes I wish I would have followed my musical dreams and aspirations.
Can I still follow those dreams in some form...if so how.
I've had a feeling lately that I'm going to be super rich...can't explain it.
If I became rich, I wouldn't tell a soul, I would just bless those around me that deserved it, and travel and do charity work.
I need to finish my book.
My friend shon is an awesome writer.
I still don't understand why some women relax their hair, manageability is a front..they are just afraid of the beautiful texture that God has given them.
Speaking of church..do people that go to church EVERY Sunday have more demons then people like me who go ...every now and then.
I have a serious affinity for Eastern Religion....is that wrong?
I wonder if my meditating contributes to my kick ass blood pressure?
My boy MR rocks, he's going go be famous some day!
I wonder well the hell Amanda is?
Why did I see my husband in the grocery store the other day and my first thought was that guy is cute...really, not realizing that was my husband coming around the corner?
Why can't some men be faithful?
Are men weaker than women?
Should I slam my office door to let these chickens outside my door know that they are talking to damn loud.....or would that be totally evil?
Why do folks up north blow the weather all out of proportion?I phoned home and the weather is not as bad as they are making it seem on local tv here.
What exactly is ugly?
Why does Diddy have a transgender person on his show?

Being Ugly

How do you think your opinion of unattractiveness was formed as a youth? I think it's interesting how children begin to form opinions on what is viewed as ugly vs. pretty. Do you think it's possible to change the way people view ugliness?

Do you think it's possible to raise a child that is unbiased in today's society, and if so, how would you proceed in doing that?

Friday, August 1, 2008

Changing History

If you could go back in history and remove ANY event that occured, what would you change?