Monday, June 9, 2008

Things I hoped for today

that this war will end soon, and we can start to rebuild peace in this world

that I like the new car I'm about to purchase as much as the convertible I'm giving up to make room for the carseat...sigh

that it gets cooler cause it's hot as fish grease in Lousisiana a field, in Mamou somewhere.

that my mother will never stray from her decision to become sober, and maintain her strength as she had for the last few years

that my son is musically gifted and intelligent, funny, and athletic, and strong

that President Obama will get this country on the right track

that Hillary Clinton will be chosen as VP

that McCain will realize that he is too damn old to be president, and join a nursing home

that I can be productive today, cause i'm not in the mood to work...clearly...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha Ha..maybe we can foward this petition to McCain advisors!! Old geeser! Dunno 'bout the Clinton VP thing, yes, I think PrezBama will be effective in eliminating alot m ore unecessary killing caused by the War and start focusing on what's needed to be done here to get our economy back on track. Lil Chris will surely be gifted in some special way..can't help that cause MOM is oozing in talents and intellect..he's got to sop up some of that spillage!!


June 9, 2008 at 12:45 PM  

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