Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Brain Dump

Why did that guy behead that kid on the bus in Canada, was he possessed...is schizophrenia just a front for really crazy people?
Should people with mental health issues be allowed to reproduce?
What happens to poor people who have mental issues?
How do lonely people cope?
Where the hell is Rashonda? Is she ok?
Is my cousin really inlove?
I can't believe my little sister is pregnant too.
I need to study....more.
I need to buy a red curtain to finish off the baby's room.
I miss my granny.
I hope this new breast mass I have is nothing serious and an auxiliary nipple or fatty tissue that is benign...I have my breast ultrasound tom morrow...pray for me.
I'm sleepy.
The next place we buy needs to have a mother-in law's suite for my mom.
I am going to write my deadbeat dad a letter and tell him how I really feel.
Why do some black men automatically assume that black women always have an attitude? Why do I sometimes agree?
I can't believe tickets to Houston around XMAS are $688.00 one way...I think we might drive this XMAS....it might actually be fun, perhaps i'll stop in ATL or New Orleans overnight.
I'm ready to go on maternity leave early.
My baby just kicked the crap out of me.
I wouldn't be surprised if my child was stone cold assassin...his parents love adventure.
Sometimes I wish I would have followed my musical dreams and aspirations.
Can I still follow those dreams in some form...if so how.
I've had a feeling lately that I'm going to be super rich...can't explain it.
If I became rich, I wouldn't tell a soul, I would just bless those around me that deserved it, and travel and do charity work.
I need to finish my book.
My friend shon is an awesome writer.
I still don't understand why some women relax their hair, manageability is a front..they are just afraid of the beautiful texture that God has given them.
Speaking of church..do people that go to church EVERY Sunday have more demons then people like me who go ...every now and then.
I have a serious affinity for Eastern Religion....is that wrong?
I wonder if my meditating contributes to my kick ass blood pressure?
My boy MR rocks, he's going go be famous some day!
I wonder well the hell Amanda is?
Why did I see my husband in the grocery store the other day and my first thought was that guy is cute...really, not realizing that was my husband coming around the corner?
Why can't some men be faithful?
Are men weaker than women?
Should I slam my office door to let these chickens outside my door know that they are talking to damn loud.....or would that be totally evil?
Why do folks up north blow the weather all out of proportion?I phoned home and the weather is not as bad as they are making it seem on local tv here.
What exactly is ugly?
Why does Diddy have a transgender person on his show?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chis is preggers???!!!
Who is MR?
I will pray for you, your extra thingy will be nothing to worry about!
And yes, hun, you need to start tht book..my girl Sonni can't do the diary blog alone!!


August 6, 2008 at 5:03 PM  

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