Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I know what boys like.....

My best friend and I were having a long conversation regarding marriage yesterday. We delved off into all sorts of theories about why men choose to marry certain women and not others. Apparently she discussed this with another girlfriend, and reached the conclusion that she had “married off” all of her previous beaus. This challenged me to think about past relationships of my own, I can look back and pretty much pinpoint why certain things didn’t work out. In my relationship prior to my current marriage, I simply tried too hard. Ok, so what does that mean exactly? It means I was the 70% and he was the 30%.

1. I was too aggressive.
2. I was selfish when it came to listening; I wanted to talk all the time…which hasn’t changed much.
3. I was anxious because I felt like a big clock was ticking……and I had to beat it.
4. I felt like I had to edit my conversation some days, and talk about his interest only….which totally contradicts #1, but that’s how it played out. Go figure.
5. I forgot about me.
6. I spent most of my time with him, and didn’t cater to my real friends as much as I should have.
7. I lost myself….for 4 years.
8. I didn’t believe in personal space anymore.
9. I could go on and on….thus refer to #2.

So, what exactly makes men/women choose some over others?

I think men think about several things when it comes to choosing a mate:

1. Control…. the ability to control yo’ mouf! Sometimes…we need to shut it up.
2. Aggressiveness…I think men are attracted to this, but sometimes they like the damsel in distress…I know you’ve read this in Cosmo.
3. Anger……No man wants to be with a looney toon, God knows I’ve done the fool in the past.
4. Freakaleek…..Don’t be a prude, every man likes a freak behind closed doors, don’t fake the funk. All that rules stuff is for da Birds!
5. How is she going to look after 3 kids and my crazy ass…will she still be tight?

So what else should we add…..what do you think……#6 anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you pretty much got it covered, especially with the angry part, controlling your mouth part and the freak part..... great post


August 13, 2008 at 5:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur with you, and Michael, just confirmed what we as women already know. It's sooo much easier said than done because in the midst of things the devil on your left is kicking the ass of that sensible angel on your right. But these things do truly turn a man off..anyone. People want the peace and sancity from their mate that they won't otherwise receive when dealing with coworkers, family, ect. If they can't give you that-then what's the point of staying? Now, the freak part? Got that down to a science!!


August 14, 2008 at 11:00 AM  

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