Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I cannot sleep, at this very moment I'm glaring at my dog who is nestled in a warm pile of my freshly washed clothes. I wish I was that comfy right now, but instead i'm sitting uncomfortably on my six-year-old tethered, red, leather Natuzzi couch, I should be in my bed, but instead i'm up, why am I up you ask? No reason. I'm not sleepy, probably because I worked out late, at least I worked out damn it. Anyway, I suppose I should attempt to close my crusty eyelids.....sleep tight folks, by the way, people are stupid as always.....including you, just kidding. Wait, I have to tell you this story. Did you know that you can manually express your dogs anal glands? Is that the sickest shit ever or what, who the fug does that?

This is a procedure that a groomer or vetenarian would typically do, but would you believe that there is an instructional video (on the net of course) on how to manully "express your dogs" anal glands, and someone out there actually does this. GROSS>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I will not EVEN go into the particulars on how to "EXPRESS" a dogs anal glands, and by the way, I will never view the word express in the same manner....disgusting I tell ya!


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