Friday, June 13, 2008

Dead Beats

My dad is a war torn vet, he forced my mother into labor by kicking her in the stomach, then held her at knifepoint and sat by her door and dared her to come out....meanwhile she had to climb out of her bedroom window to try to get to a hospital...what a mean bastage, right? I suppose you can say I had a pretty interesting entry into the world. I'm pissed today. Because each day that I have been pregnant I am truly realizing what it takes to make a "human". It's work. My crotch has been hurting like nobody's business, preggo women waddle for a reason, and it's not b/c of the tummy. All types of fun and interesting things happen when you are preggo....this week I have SPD's so much fun...

Anyway, something about pregnancy changes you, I am still the harsh, single, semi-bitchy phenomenal woman I like to think of myself as, but for the most part, once you get to know me I'm a teddy with a little fire. I said all this to say, my DAD really sux. Yes, I know war is hard on the mind, yes I'm sure he saw a lot of dead people, etc....BUT when he came back, he made me, and his way of "taking care" of me was abusing my mother, and once she finally mustered up the courage to leave that abusive relationship, he decided that sending $50.00 a month was enough to get me and my mom through life. I'm so mad today, thank God for Great grandparents once again, without them things would have been even more stressful on my mother. I don't fault her one bit for some of the things she went through later in life, hell, I can see how a person can break down from having to deal with that type of stress..... $50 a month....what a deadbeat.

Deadbeat parents suck, I don't see how anyone could bring something so precious into the world and then pretend it's not even my dad gets older he attempts to reach know cause he found Jesus...sigh, and I used to try to listen, but I just can't, it's just too much. I don't understand the logic of parents like that. To all you single moms..and dads....I adore you...and I love you. You have got to be made from the strongest cloth on the planet, if you guys see a single mommy/daddy today, show them your support.....send them $100 dollars, surprise them with flowers, offer to baby sit or something...cause i'm telling you, they are a force!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW!!! I guess pregnancy does make you have a newfound respect for for life and view priorities in a different light!

DID YOU LET IT RIP!! I feel you dad was half assing it with all 6 of his kids from 4 different women until that last little number came along and did one on him. Hmmph, had 3..THREE.. back to back all the while abusing drugs of some sort and he had to step up to the plate.

GOD'll get you one way or the other. Now I looooove my daddy, 'cause he is after all just a man with faults. And my experience entering the world was less than traumatic..I'd seen mom through hard times with him as well. But in the end, I just figure him and the one above will sort all of that out on his day of judgement. I just pray that he finds his way into the bosom of the Lord above soon..

And, yes girl, single parents are the bomb. My sweetie (this week, lol) is a single dad and I watched him prepare 3 meals for his son Sunday night and iron all of his work cloths for the week because he is working 2 jobs while still trying to be energetic enough to spend qt with hsi "master" as he calls him!
Gotta love it!

June 13, 2008 at 5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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June 13, 2008 at 5:43 PM  

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