Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Busted Stories

Once upon a time in Houston, Tx I busted an ex. It was 2am on a muggy, Houston night. I had just come in from hanging out with the girls. My usual routine was to call "dummy" or he would call me before we retired for the night. On this particular night, "dummy" was "on-call"...he was a physician (I know what was I thinking dating one of them). Anyway, so he "said" he was on-call...he was on call alright.... Ok so I called to say good night, and a female voice picks up.

Her: Hello (all giddy and shi)
Me: Uhm, I must have the wrong number....
Her: No, this is "dummy's" phone, he's sleeping....
Me: Oh really, who are you?
Her: I'm "dummy's ho"....and we just finished "making love"

***at this point***i'm about to lose it, I had dated this "dummy" for like 3 years, I was in disbelief****

Me: You just finished WHAT! I'm his girlfriend, where the hell do you stay? (what was i thinking, my rationale was gone)
Her: **crying..sniff..sniff*** I knew he had a girlfriend.....he never answers...never home....(she's acting all stupid, and she's dumb enough to tell me where she stays)
Me: What is your address..i'm coming over to see this crap...(writing down address...i'm dumb enough to go over...and i told her not to wake him up, cause i wanted too...)

I arrive.

He's laying BUTT ASS NAKED in her covers on the bed...which tells me that they had been engaging in the wild monkey sex I had taught him all these years...i'll be damned....
So I was VERY hurt, but strangely, I have this innate ability to look insanely calm when i'm pissed, although my blood temp if taken, would have been at least 107. Anyway, I enter her bedroom...he's still sleeping....I wake this fool up...

Me: "Fool!"
Him: "uhm huh, what...(tears start rolling down fool's cheek) WTF hell is going on???
Me: Hey Baby, so, I see you are working REALLY hard, on call, is she one of you new patients?
Him: Baby, I'm so sorry ( he growls at "ho", you #$#$ why did you pick up my damn phone) listen baby, she don't mean nothing.....**he says a bunch of jibberish***i can't remember it all....
Me: Uhm, and obviously neither do I for you to do this fool, I just wanted to see this for myself so you couldn't smooth this over.....i'm out...

****at this point, I'm walking to my car*****they are both following me***he curses her out once more....she starts crying LOL*** he catches up and tries to block my car door.....i'm looking at him like dumb ass fool...he of course continues to block the door, I finally go around the other side, hop in off.....fool calls me and then sends me some crazy of these days i'll post it...anyway the story continued....and that is another story on another day.

The moral of the story is NEVER take a cheater I said I'll post that another day.

Yall got any good busted stories.....


Anonymous Babs said...

Dang. Busted stories don't get better than that! I can't wait to read this fool's email.

July 11, 2008 at 9:04 AM  

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