Friday, July 6, 2007

I am so sick of today I'm surfing away as usual and what did I discover you ask? A video of this guy, Hurricane is the video associated with this moron. Tell me what you think.

What the hell has happened to music, where are these idiots coming from? Why did this fool get a record deal?

One would think that artist such as Eric Roberson, or Martin Luther (the rock star), Sy Smith, folks with true talent would get airtime, but no, instead we get " A BAY BAY, A BAY BAY ", sigh....for all you real music lovers, check out, I promise it is not a porn site, it's just simply good music, at least IMO.

This bad rap crap has GOT to stop, please don't mistake it, I loved rap when rap had purpose and humor, now it's just spreading negative, sexual, meaningless innuendos…..and sadly our youth is listening. I can’t turn the corner without seeing or hearing ignorance spewed from the youth. Now, I’m not saying that I didn’t have my years of stupidity hell I’m still there at times, all I’m saying is what happened to real music, and real rap for that matter. At least rappers used to talk about things that touched on some degree of moral value, now it’s all about nothing, what gives?

Actually someone bought up a good point to me the other day, they explained that it wasn’t so much that my generation didn’t have the same type of music, it’s just hat there was more of a variety. Whatever the case may be, the lyrics to this song in particular are HORRIBLE…..and they should be filed in the what I like to call the “abyss”, and hey should NEVER, EVER be viewed again… anyway I wonder if these fools know that they are free.....


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