Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Day 40ish of marriage or so.....

So my husband and I dated and lived together for a few years before we actually got married in Dec 07. I cannot express how important it is to truly understand the essence of frienship relative to love. Love is so sacred, it really is. I honestly thought I was inlove once before but I know now that really...that was just a playtime. Real love truly is patient and kind, and it really doesn't boast...Corinthians had it right. Today when my husband and I were in the gym, I caught him looking my way, I have to admit I was also sneaking gazes here and there, but my point is that love is just something that sits in a person's eyes, it truly is; you can just see it.

On a much more disturbing note, sorry....I have a friend who is contemplating getting back into a relationship with someone that has physically/verbally abused her in the this is just one thing I truly cannot understand....granted his physical abuse was due to his dependency with alcohol, but nonetheless does he get a pass?

I mean is it ok for you to hit someone because you are a drunk. Can people with addictions change? My mother did, that is the only reason I chose to entertain the idea of hope. I actually found myself telling her to think about the situation carefully, and if he agreed to seek counseling, perhaps there was hope....OKAY, this is major deal for me, why do you ask? Because those of you that know me, know DAMN well ain't no man gon' hit on your gurl', BUT something inside of me told her that.

I suppose I am beginning to think that people can truly overcome addictions or problems. My mother has been sober for over a year now, she was delivered by GOD, and I am witness to it, I saw her transformation, she literally changed overnight, God touch my mother. He touched my mother so much that I have began to grow closer to him again, I found myself drifting after college, but it seems God has a way of holding on to his people, and I'm not a goodie two shoes by any means, but God has got me guys. Ok so i said all that to say this (as my granny would say) people really can change.

When you have girlfriends that confide in you, don't just shun the idea of the impossible, if it's truly something you feel has hope, just listen, really listen to your friends...ok, sorry for my rant, just being me....I dunno, perhaps i'm totally looney today, did I really just tell someone to think about getting back into a abusive relationship....ok now i feel bad..but how do you help someone like that.....granted this person has self-esteem problems, that's the obvious, but how do I as a friend help a person understand their worth....or could it really be that she is that inlove, lust..I don't get it....ok i'm signing off, my brain is on overload....and i'm thinking i did the wrong thing today.....sigh...bye


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