Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Post Wedding

So I'm back from the wedding, and I'm all married up now. Oddly enough, on the day of my wedding there was a pre-Madonna fiasco. Another member of the church had a wedding, apparently while I was glued to the waiting area (the bathroom of the church) there was a HUGE ceremony going on....not like kind of huge, I'm talking, horse and carriage, liturgical dancers the whole SCHA-BANG. Anyway, I suspect that my guest felt as if they attended a big wedding because they were subjected to all the activities that went on prior to my small detail..anyway, the wedding was touching. I cried of course, I promised myself I wouldn't but something came over me that I can't explain, I looked like "psycho bride" smeared mascara, I had the classic smokey eye look. I am so happy I married Chris, God sent him for me, I know this to be true. Anyway folks that's all for today, how's life on your end...adios amigos...ciao...


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