Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Well today I am on the train headed for Charlotte, NC. I thought I was doing good by purchasing business class tickets, I was expecting quiet. WRONG! The beginnning of my trip has been eventful to say the least. You see, I'm sharing close quarters with a mother decked out in Baby Phat gear....boobies and arse everywhere, and a less than pleasant two year old. Ok back to the baby phat thing...I had to tell her that her shirt (that she is wearing as a dress) was riding up so much that her undies were showing through her tights, big ole white granny panties. The toddler...is a special needs child. This poor little guy was whimpering from 10am to around 4pm, he finally fell out and went to sleep. The entire time she changed him about 3 times, no food though...ok a little bit of pringles...and a squirt of juice. And for entertainment you ask? A toy truck...makes a lot of sense on a dang train. I know I'm not technically a parent yet, but I've raised enough babies growing up to know this was not a good look...anyway, I know daggone well we can do better as parents.

His mom clearly was not interested in making sure he was distracted, he complained the entire trip. She had no snacks...nothing for him to do. Infact, she completely ignored him for a good part of the trip, she pretended as if he wasn't acting a complete you know what. I feel sorry for this kid. He was on the floor in a diaper, on the floor of a train yall....playing...no shoes, no pants. Toward the end of her stop, she got him all dressed....put a hat on his head, pants, and shoes....like it was all good, like he wasn't just sniffing and playing around in a germ infested floor. I suppose she is going to meet the baby's father, or someone she's trying to impress, but she's definitely not backing it up truthfully.....other than that, my ride has been great, in fact i love it. I'm staring outside the window as we speak....kicked back, lots of leg room, a cafe on board, relatively decent bathrooms, and my jazz music and my laptop..hog heaven. I'm already missing the love of my life, I swear he's the air I breathe..but don't tell him I said that, can't have him running around with a big ole balloon head.

Oh, sidenote, we completed the baby's room last night, it's all becomimg so surreal now, I'm still in awe...I'm going to be someone's mama yall.....someone will refer to me as "mommy". So sweet, the morning light hit his room this morning, and I imagined myself peeking in on him, it was such a sweet little feeling, I can't wait to meet my little man, pray that he's ok for me ok? Pray that he's a healthy, smart little guy, anyway smooches yall....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

and I do pray for you and turtle often..


July 18, 2008 at 11:17 AM  
Anonymous I am Prince! said...

There is nothing better than looking at your smiling baby and them looking back at you like you are just the greatest thing in the world!

Its great that you recognized the problems w/ your train mate's behavior. You will make a great mom.

July 18, 2008 at 12:36 PM  

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