Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Sis

So I totally went off on my baby sis this morning....I felt bad later. I called her around 7am her sis is NOT a morning person, she was problem shifting into REM at that point but me being the happy, go lucky morning freakazoid....ring ring ring!!! Yammer, yammer...more yammer. Turns out she is "inlove" again ...with some 38 yr old man, he's about 5 years my senior, my sis is only 23.

I am disturbed to say the least. This deserved it's own paragraph...although it's only two sentences.

You ever feel like you are in a car and you see and accident about to happen, but you can't do anything? That's how I feel today. It's funny how you have to go through things in life to fully understand their consequences. God blessed me with a great guy...finally... but LAWD (yes i said it) where the fug are rest of them? I have so many wonderful people in my life, wonderful friends, cousins, sister(singular) and a beautiful mom, all who are Great catches, I mean don't get me wrong I have a few typeAers, crazies, psychos even, but for the most part they are wrapped tight...BUT there are no men..none, zilch, zero, zippidy....I suppose the Y or X...I forget..the one the represents the male really is disappearing, in fact I'm totally convinced........

Anyway....this guy sounds like he has baggage....for now it's a wait and see..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Post Wedding

So I'm back from the wedding, and I'm all married up now. Oddly enough, on the day of my wedding there was a pre-Madonna fiasco. Another member of the church had a wedding, apparently while I was glued to the waiting area (the bathroom of the church) there was a HUGE ceremony going on....not like kind of huge, I'm talking, horse and carriage, liturgical dancers the whole SCHA-BANG. Anyway, I suspect that my guest felt as if they attended a big wedding because they were subjected to all the activities that went on prior to my small detail..anyway, the wedding was touching. I cried of course, I promised myself I wouldn't but something came over me that I can't explain, I looked like "psycho bride" smeared mascara, I had the classic smokey eye look. I am so happy I married Chris, God sent him for me, I know this to be true. Anyway folks that's all for today, how's life on your end...adios amigos...ciao...