Friday, March 28, 2008

Which two continents have the world's most beautiful people in your opinion?

I'm going with

South America

What say you.....


For the true Neosoul lovers


Good MornTING' ( In my MaDear voice)Take Time.......Free Your Mind

I woke up this morning with Nawlins on my mind.....and Ledisi. This makes me think of home yall....

I hope this brightens your day:

Take time, to get away
Free your mind, and fly away
take time to get away
Free your mind, and fly away

Ooh, sometime the days get so long
A cup of coffee just to keep you strong
In rush hour and you're late,
There's nothing to do, but sit and wait
So many things are on your mind, yeah
The start of your day, keeps passing you by,
oh you wanna fun place to escape,
It's your life, you gotta do whatever it takes, yeah

Take some time, to, Free your mind, oh yeah
ooh, oh oooh yeah
Sometime the days get so long, long,
though sometime it seems, everything is wrong, yeah
Endless hours, you're working so hard, yeah
In your fancy suit, exchanging business cards
So much pressure, need to run and hide, yeah
Get tired of the days, passing you by, ooh,
You wanna find a place to escape, It's your life
You gotta do whatever it takes, yeah

Take some time, to get away
Free your mind, and fly away, oh yeah
Everything's gonna be alright when you do it yeah,
ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh yeah

Take time, let go, let go
Take time, Yeah, It's alright, Take time, take time
yeah yea, take a minute breathe yeah, just let go and
leave it there, you gotta breathe a minute, take a minute
breathe a minute, yeah, yeah, yeah, Just relax and let it
go, It's alright if you should know, breathe a minute, take
a minute, breathe a minute, ooh yeah, take a minute, breathe
a minute, take a minute, come on, oh come on, take a minute,
breathe a minute, take some time, and love yourself!!


Take your time, to get away, yeah
Free your mind and fly away, just get away
Everything's gonna be alright, Everything's gonna work out fine, when
you do it, when you do it, yeah
Take Time (scat) oh yeah, yeah yeah (scat)
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lebron and Gisele

What do you guys think of this picture?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

You Like?

I love this blog LOL.....there is one for every race..

Let's Keep It Real - RANT WARNING -FOUL at your own risk

I"m so damn sick of hearing about politics/politicians, every time I turn on the idiot box....I'm sick, sick, sick of it. I'm sick of hearing about Rev.Wright/Obama, I'm sick of hearing about Hillary/Obama...sick of McCain and the fact that he has no damn clue about WTF is going on in IRAQ, I'm sick of black folks acting like the black church has never said rude, racist things about white folks, after all the black church has historically been a place where black slaves found solace during slavery, damn right animosity has carried over for years and years, and yes I realize that that's WAY over, but no one is asking Jewish folks to deny the Holocaust - fug, slavery was a bit of a damn setback, don't you think?

Wake the fug up people! Additionally, I'm sick of hearing folks acting all surprised about the BS said in the black church, they know about our bullshit, just like we know about their bullshit, we know damn well that most (NOT ALL) of them are not comfortable with really having a "black" president... can we please, please, please stop pretending like we don't live in one of the most racist countries in the world....can we please stop acting like we as in black AND white....brown, green, yellow, flamingo pink don't stereotype people based all types of bullshit.

Blacks, Whites, Indians, Asians discriminate against one other based on all types of BS, namely, skin color, hair, economic status, heritage, culture, I could go on an on. Let's face it, you aren't going to see the Jerry Springer types hanging out in the just freggin won't, do you know why? BECAUSE they have NOTHING in common...not one thing.....well maybe one, we are all human, humans that have enslaved, scalped, raped, abused, molested, killed, helped, loved, hated, we at some point in history have all enslaved one another, whether it was religiously, emotionally, physically, we as humans are GUILTY,GUILTY, GUILTY, so can we please, collectively progress.....can we began to grow as a nation, as a civilization for our sake, for our future's sake, can we stop with the critiques and move on to solutions.

All these things are taught, we have to at some point start with our children...we have to show them that there is a better way to be as a human being......period.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Going Back Home....

Well as most of you guys know, I left a HUGE company that basically raised me from a wee college student, I ventured off from the one that I cherished and loved to experience working for the government...never again...and then I went to another Fortune 500 company.....uh not so much...can we say "unorganized" BUT I loved, loved the people at the company that shall not be named..., so I'm back with the big dawgs starting April 14th, I'm elated...and now I understand more than ever that in order for you to appreciate something you have to go through a few hard places first, anyway, I'm glad to be going back home.....yay me :).


The Avenue

Club Review – The Avenue – Never Again.

Fashion in DC is dead.

I know my earlier post about Gossiping spoke against gossiping and what not but....I just have to tell you about this weekend....

So, many, many times I find myself in a state of confusion, just wondering how people deemed less attractive by society get through each day… how they avoid criticism, and the meanness in the world. I ponder on very profound theoretic conclusions at times even.... I've come to this fact for sure....some folks bring it on themselves.

This weekend I was at “The Avenue” (yet another BAD club in DC), GASP…don’t ask!!! Anyway, it was awful, my husband and I were trying to be hospitable to a friend visiting and we don’t frequent clubs often so we had no clue where to go. So, we ended up at this spot the Avenue…where fashion was just well in the toilet….flushed, in the gutter….molding.

Firstly, there is a way to always look good, no matter what your size, shape, face, there is ALWAYS as way to jazz yourself up, which brings me to my question of the evening, WHY DO FRIENDS LET FRIENDS OUT THE HOUSE when they look like a HOT, STEAMY, SMOKEY, MANGLED MESS? I know that all my best friends would tell me if I looked crazy. I do NOT surround myself around friends who sugar coat just to help me get through; I don’t consider folks like that friends….humph! Case in point, when in college I really thought that a part down the middle of my head was cute with a long side piece hanging on one side…..shon quickly corrected my erroneous ways and proceeded to fix my muff up…thanks girl…wouldn’t know what to do with out you….anyway where are these folks real friends? I saw a circus in the club this weekend.

Ok so, I’m in line…..and up rolls the “The Fantanas”. Now as I’m sure you guys all know, LOUD colors are in….apparently, not in my world but these young kids are wearing EXACTLY what they see in videos. Now I didn’t take pics and I NEVER will, in fact I think that it is so tacky…. but I am descriptive enough with my writing that I can help you visualize the disaster….I think. Ok so contestant number one rolls up with a fiery, red leotard…..yes ladies leotard, wait no… the leotard was yellow, like Frency’s mustard yellow, a FULL-BODY, open-toed, yellow leotard, with jelly shoes, and fire engine red vest……that was her complete outfit, she weighed all of 5 lbs. Now mind you, DC was cold as the South Pole this weekend, windy and eurrrythang… anyway this is what this sweet baby had on. In addition to that, let’s discuss the remainder of the entourage; actually we will only discuss one, because I was so flabbergasted by the first display of ketchup and mustard that the rest are just hard to talk about. So the second member of The Fantanas had on a pink flamingo colored onesie, with once again jellys…clear ones. This was the absolute worst display of DC fashion ever. I must admit, back in 2004 I would have agreed that he majority of women in DC were fabu dressers although I am not a fashionista by any means, in fact I despise over the top fashion divas….I think they are fake, couture wannabee, reject model, weave wearing trolls, but that’s another subject altogether. Nonetheless the sistahs of 2004 DC could dress, however….HOWEVER DC 2008 has officially been flushed down the toilet folks. The night got worst. Remember this was just in the line leading into the club. So we brace ourselves for the inside, why we continued our journey….is still a mystery. What I saw when I walked in was a complete display of buffoonery and out right fashion emergencies. We saw Coogi clothing, short ties, guys with lamb furr inside their sweaters, a buffet in the club, people eating and dancing while balancing plates, a girl in a full jet black fishnet onesie, clearly she belonged in the movie BELLY in the Kingston scene. This was only the first floor (dancehall music of course – and yall know I love me some reggae but got DAMN (in my cousin Tory’s infamous voice). So we went to the second floor, people were packed like sardines, (HIP HOP of course). Anyway, Jim Jones rejects were everywhere. REJECTS I tell ya! The walls were plastered with tired dreads, five month old cornrows, just unkempt hair period… teeth, it was a complete disaster, the third floor is not even worth words….anyway, for anyone looking to go to “The Avenue”, please don’t bother. This was a sad, sad display of folks. I’m going to give “The Avenue” on Mar 20th, 2008 ten thumbs down……. ZILCH.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Always check your kid's homework.....funny forward someone sent


How would you feel if.....

How would you feel if someone took a picture of you, and posted it to the internet and said mean things about what you were wearing, much like the fashion do's and don'ts sections in magazines? Granted if you are in a public place then there is not much you can do,(Fred you're the lawyer...can anything be done?) but how would it make you feel? What do you think of folks who do this? Would you equally upset if the person actually said something positive about you?


Psychic? Or not?

Do you believe in psychics? And if so have you ever had any experiences with any spirits?


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Trouble in Paradise

That is my nephew in trouble....what's with the eyes already...

This is my dog trouble...



Why do you all think women are so catty? Hormones? Old age? Jealousy? What is it?
Why do guys get along better?


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Restaurant Reviews - 2941

My husband and I went to this spot a few months ago and I'm not sure if I shared the review with you guys but 2941 is the spot if you are ready to eat like a king and queen. This food is absolutely delicious; everything...everything will melt in your mouth.

If you ever want to experience dining at it's finest you should head on up to 2941 in Falls Church,VA, a little warning though, it's pricey.....VERY pricey, and I'm talking at least 300 for two people, but it is so worth it. I really don't have the words to express how good the food is, enjoy!!!


Always talking about somebody....damn shame

Gossiping...use to be a fun hobby when I was younger....much younger, but now I think it's just a disgusting habit that some people can not get under control. The other day I was out and about and I noticed a group of sistahs, huddled together, cutting eyes at one another as if they were speaking to each other in some ancient language, of course they were in conversation about this woman who was rather large, but how mean is that....I mean seriously how boring is your life that you have to constantly worry about the size of another person, what the person is wearing, doing.....all the time.

I'm convinced that some people LIVE for gossip, and drama, and those folks are just cruel, and truth be told, it's a reflection of what's going on inside of them. Anyway, that's my rant today? What say you?



Monday, March 10, 2008

It's confirmed....something IS in the Water

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Growing up in Beaumont

Okay, so I woke up this morning with all these nostalgic thoughts swirling in my head. I grew up in Beaumont,Texas, actually Cheeks, Texas, but since no one knows where the hell that is, I decided to claim Beaumont since it's the nearest "town". Anyway, I woke up tickled this morning because I thought about stuff I used to do because I was so BORED in Beaumont. One of my FAVORITE pastimes was making up routines to ....... every Rick James song I could find, check the you tube video!

So the question for today is, what was a funny habitual routine for you as a stay entertained?


Monday, March 3, 2008

Intimacy...during Pregnancy....

TMI WARNING>>>>So my husband would probably not be happy if he saw this blog....but I have to tell yall. Ok, now I'm certain that Preggo Sex has it's perks..but err hum when exactly is it sexy? Let me back it up, and give some history here, so as you guys know from reading below, I'm in the VERY early stages of pregnancy, almost 6 weeks today in fact. So for a while my hubby and I have refrained to some degree because its early and apparently according to my doc its good to take it easy the first 12 weeks, I know other books and googlegarb says otherwise but we are following docs orders....afterall she is an MIT grad, I think she knows....anywho, all I'm up to is "oral..i mean other" things, anywho, at what point will it become "unsexy" for me to speak into the mic....with a big ole pregnant stomach. Right now, it's all good, I'm not showing, I have these brand new oh so nice volumptuous breastestsss but that's about it, so back to my question, at what point will he start looking at me like I'm a foreign object???

Has anyone else gone through pregnancy and hit a point where the hubby was uncomfortable? If so holla at ya girl....I'd like to know what i have to look forward to...ciao lovies!!!

I love-hate NYC.

Not. I love a few things about NY, I love my husband...a fine product of NYC, I love the shopping, and I love the some what, almost authentic Jamaican food you can get in Jamaica Queens, then there is Time Square, but past that.......I hate the way people in New York drive or the lack there of, I hate fact that traffic is always gridlock in Brooklyn, for no dag reason, I despise how all the retail folks in the major high-end stores think everyone is a shop-lifter, the pigeons...ugh, they are just gross, the smokers....everyone in New York smokes, they blow it right in your damn face, just whatever!!!! It's just the whole new york state of mind that makes me wanna scream, but then again, there is the USA diner, that I love, and the Diddy blow up ad with him rocking the fist, and the fact that New Yorkers are indeed the toughest folks you'll ever encounter, it's a true statement when they say if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere, NYC is NOT, I repeat not for the sensitive, if you are a softy, not a good place for you, and last but not least, I really do love NYC believe it or not it's a really cool place, a crucible of cultures, swags and freaks....there is something for everyone...