Monday, April 23, 2007

Things to ponder on....Love, Weight, Money

Love: Were you ever really inlove if you fall out of love?

Weight: If your doctor told you point blank that you will die at an early age if you continue to eat anything with sugar in it, would you continue eating it?

Money: Are rich people really happier?


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cho Seung-Hui

Childhood. That's the first thing that came to mind when I heard the news that someone decided to take 33 innocent lives at Virginia Tech. I can't help but to wonder how his life was as a child. Something went way wrong here. I really feel like some people are just innately evil. They are just born evil, possessed. Perhaps they are fallen warriors from the ancient fight between Lucifer and God, just mere remnants of an ancient war. I have to believe it. I sometimes find myself near people who just seem full of hate, much like he possessed characters in “Fallen”. I think of people like Andrea Yates, who drowned five of her children, are possessed, same for the beltway snipers who shot and killed innocents in the Virginia area…which makes me ponder on something else? Is Virginia really for lovers? Seriously, I think we need to some how integrate mental health into our education system as a requirement. We should make kids take mental stability classes and really find out what the hell is really going on at home. I heard that Hui wrote plays about a kid who was molested by his step-father, well guess what…we had a step-father, not that it justifies what he did, but people become insane after so much abuse.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Nigger was probably the last word these guys above heard, which is why I do not use any form of it, nor do I use the word Nigga....and I absolutely hate it when people use it around me, whether they are black, white, pink, green, yellow, it's just not cool, not in a fucking hip hop song, not when someone is cracking a joke, not on the Dave Chappelle show, and not when people are referencing a stupid movie they watched, I don't like the word and frankly it should just die. that I have that off my chest....I'll explain why I'm a bit irritated.

For starters, I'm tired of hearing about IMUS. Two they keep showing IMUS''s scary, I will probably have nightmares. On a serious note, all this talk about IMUS has caused some very deep seated issues to arise in the Black community, many of which I think about on a daily basis. For instance, I am so sick of turning on my radio and hearing stuff like "whip that trick", " slap that ass ho", quite frankly I don't even listen to the radio much anymore, the new generation of hip-hop is nothing like it was when I was growing up. Old hip hop was about stuff like " I Need Love" and "Friends, How Many of us Have Them".

Now it's full of vulgarity, and ignorance. The hip hop and neo-soul artists that are providing positive messages aren't given ANY air time by the mainstream media and radio. It's sickening to compare the disparity of the awareness positive rap gets against negative. There is a double standard out there, but I don't agree with either side, just like I don't like hearing black people use the word Nigga, Nigger, (insert any form of the freaking word here), I don't like hearing ANYONE use it. No one. If I EVER hear my child use's on.

I am so happy my mother raised me to at least be proud of my "kinky, curly" hair, and I'm also happy she taught me love myself. I remember looking in the mirror as a kid and wanting my nose to be smaller like all the barbies I saw, or wanting my hair to be straight and long like all the BARBIES I saw, thank GOD for acceptance of one's self and having a mother smart enough to educate me about race. This is why musicians have to be more responsible, art imitates life as we all know, and our kids are listening to the garbage on the radio.

IMUS is a fool but why are we now freaking out because some old white dude called some absolutely undeserving sisters "nappy headed hos", we should have been freaking out a long damn time ago when we flipped the radio switch. Take a deep breath peeps, cause Hip Hop is on life support folks.

My mom was a sociology major in the 70's so you can only imagine that I grew up in an interesting household. I'm proud to have friends from all different backgrounds, I'm thankful that I'm not in some box and everyone I know looks just like me, or I am one of those folks who says stuff like I have (ONE) Caucasian friend.....or Hispanic my case i have all kinds of friends. So I said all that to say, I hope this world continues to transcend above ignorant folks like DON IMUS. I’m out folks, happy FRIDAY!!!


Monday, April 9, 2007

Nzinga and DNA

This DNA research is mind blowing. Finding out who you are can be addictive. I'm sure it's scary for some. Let me give you some background info, about a year ago I decided to enter my DNA into a project sponsored by National Geographic, the Genographic Project. Once you receive your DNA coding you are entered into several databases, the major databases are maintained by Family DNA, and Mitosearch. Because I am female the coding only applies to my maternal side so I entered my DNA in and now I am able to trace back my female DNA thousands, and thousands of years. Your DNA sequences are matched with others and you're off!

So far I've identified the following African Tribes in my lineage, the Mbundu (Angola), the Kung (Botswana/Angola/Namibia), and the Bakaka (Cameroon) and (no not that kind of bakaka), and the Bantu (Mozambique). I have also identified several living DNA matches in various places, Barbados, all over the US (lots in VA), and many countries in South America, primarily Brasil. I am making an effort to go to each place and learn about all the different tribal groups that I am related to. Today I found out that I have NZINGA in my bloodline, this would explain my behavior as a female at times. Nzinga for those that do not know was of Angoloan descent and is known as a symbol of inspiration for people everywhere. Queen Nzingha is also known by some as Jinga by others as Ginga. She was a member of the ethnic Jagas a militant group that formed a human shield against the Portuguese slave traders. As a visionary political leader, competent, and self sacrificing she was completely devoted to the resistance movement. She formed alliances with other foreign powers pitting them against one another to free Angola of European influence. She possessed both masculine hardness and feminine charm and used them both depending on the situation. She even used religion as a political tool when it suited her. Her death on December 17, 1663 helped open the door for the massive Portuguese slave trade. Yet her struggle helped awaken others that followed her and forced them to mount offensives against the invaders. These include Madame Tinubu of Nigeria; Nandi, the mother of the great Zulu warrior Chaka; Kaipkire of the Herero people of South West Africa; and the female army that followed the Dahomian King, Behanzin Bowelle. (Google) Although Nzinga was a bit violent, during this time she had to be, sorry to all my color deficient homies...but yall understand....I love you :). Anyway, I encourage everyone to find out what lurks in the distance, it really does complete you. I am battling with one little lady who will not reveal the family secret, she matched our DNA and apparently this lady doesn't want black relatives...I suppose she watched too much CNN during Katrina...we aren't all bad .LOL. Anyway...that's it for today folks.

PS. Nzinga was an AMAZON queen...that would explain my bodacious backside....

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Scary People in the Deli

So my co-worker and I were in a nearby deli, and naturally with both of us being the very intutive women that we are we notice Mr. Psycho in the corner. He had this dingy nasty jacket on with dirty old VAN sneaks, a sprinkle of dandruff here and there, and one of those crumy t-shirts that you find at the VERY bottom of your dirty clothes. Anyway, the guy was totally disgusting. So he passes near the both of us, the hair on my arms stood up. Isn't it strange how people that you don't know can often give you the creeps. I really think that guy probably has some deep secret. All jokes aside I think he was some type of psycho serial killer. I could totally see it....creepy....