Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I'm laid up in the hospital with a kidney infection. Please believe that this is no joke. This is painful. At first I thought I had back pains from jogging/walking but turns out this was a little deeper, literally. I broke out hot water bottles, found myself in the downward doggie yoga stance, I tried everything only to discover that when I started regurgitating that it was much more serious than I originally had thought. I was in so much pain that I actually started to vomit, can you believe that...crazy, I've done that maybe 4 times in my life, which is how I knew something was really wrong with me, turns out kidney infections are par for the course when preggo...sigh.

So there I was yesterday at the waiting room, they told me I could go home later, and I was really determined to do so UNTIL my head started spinning and more green flew from the bowels of my body, only to land on the nurse, my husband's shirt, all over my bed, (I tried to warn them to move). They give you this LITTLE bitty cup to try to get this stuff into, well yesterday this one could not control the projectile. Anyway, they gave me something called Delotid for pain, guys....this is a serious serious. I was so scared to take this b/c of the baby, but they all assured me that it was safe. I can still feel a little pain but now it's much more manageable...anyway, that's what's going on in my neck of the woods...I have been officially admitted! What's with you today folks?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Finch better have my money...

This had me on the floor in the mall this weekend....sadly, I am still laughing at it. I'm so simple sometimes LOL.

Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm convinced Mary Landreiu is a sista

I do..I'm convinced that Mary Landrieu is a light skin sistah....what yall thank? Can you guys think of anyone else who looks like a different race but really they are something else?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

For you Des....I guess you're right my hubby does not smile in most of his pics LOL....but he does at home ;)

If you could have any job in the world..what would it be?

I think I'd be a back up singer in Sade or Bob Marley's band...i know.....high ambitions....I just love music....I guess more than mulah...

Where the line is drawn

Ok so from time to time I hear people elaborate on wild arguments they've had with their "SO", and back in my stupidity age....I have been called names and likewise, I've returned the favor. One incident comes to SO at the time and I got into a real name calling session...words like "muthafuka", and "bitch".... were words of choice...I know...sigh...WWJD, I was pissed..he was pissed, it was unreal, and very unlike me.

After it was over...I couldn't believe it....of course it was over and we both moved on, and after that happens you just can't go back, I do not understand how people do....

That was the last and only time that has happened. My husband and I have never got into an argument like that. I just don't get it, if your homegirl called you a "bitch (if she was serious)", and a "muthafucka", would you be cool with her the next day? Probably NOT!

I think that if a relationship gets to the point where name calling takes place it's time to roll....right? Can you disrespect someone like that and then say "baby, I love you"....hell nah!!!

Most embarassing moment...ever

What was your most embarssing moment...ever? I'm still thinking through mine, I'll share later....maybe..

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My little cousin is hanging with the stars!! Go Bugs!!

Embarassing Pics....continued...since my cousin talking ish!

Define Angry Black Woman?

I dare you....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's your funny school pic look like?

I'm going to do a series of funny pics...this is my cousin's old school picture, tommorrow I promise to post mine....maybe.....i might even do a funny series on prom pics.....

Adding...I found a celebrity with the same hair do as my baby cuz...

The 3:00 AM Call

I don't want to live anymore.

I am getting physically abused.

I am about to pull the trigger.

I have HIV.

I have a drug problem.

What would be your first responses to those questions if a dear friend came to you? What would be your initial response to comfort a friend in need?


In 2008, do you notice interracial couples.....

I do not pay attention to who people are dating/marrying like most I guess. I was at someone's blog and they mentioned that they were tired of all the talk about this and that in regards to interrracial relationships,etc,. Which made me you notice when a couple is interracial? It's so common these days, I don't see how someone could honestly have time to spot folks...especially in DC/MD/VA.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Do you trust people without pets?

Two of my bestfriends don't have pets, but i trust them nonetheless...but do you think people who don't have pets can be trusted? For some reason I just see people with pets as geniune....unless of course it's a pet snake....ewwww


What are you all up to today....

I am in the office today....eating my lunch, thinking about those poor folks in the midwest, I so feel for them, just out of curiosity, how do you feel the media is handling this issue in comparison to's interesting to see the contrast, yes?


Friday, June 13, 2008

Where you be?

If you could have been a teenager/young adult in any era of time minus any type of oppression of that era, what time period would you pick?

Check out my aunt at her graduation back in the day, (centerstage) looking all fly, I've so got to recreate this pic one day...

Dead Beats

My dad is a war torn vet, he forced my mother into labor by kicking her in the stomach, then held her at knifepoint and sat by her door and dared her to come out....meanwhile she had to climb out of her bedroom window to try to get to a hospital...what a mean bastage, right? I suppose you can say I had a pretty interesting entry into the world. I'm pissed today. Because each day that I have been pregnant I am truly realizing what it takes to make a "human". It's work. My crotch has been hurting like nobody's business, preggo women waddle for a reason, and it's not b/c of the tummy. All types of fun and interesting things happen when you are preggo....this week I have SPD's so much fun...

Anyway, something about pregnancy changes you, I am still the harsh, single, semi-bitchy phenomenal woman I like to think of myself as, but for the most part, once you get to know me I'm a teddy with a little fire. I said all this to say, my DAD really sux. Yes, I know war is hard on the mind, yes I'm sure he saw a lot of dead people, etc....BUT when he came back, he made me, and his way of "taking care" of me was abusing my mother, and once she finally mustered up the courage to leave that abusive relationship, he decided that sending $50.00 a month was enough to get me and my mom through life. I'm so mad today, thank God for Great grandparents once again, without them things would have been even more stressful on my mother. I don't fault her one bit for some of the things she went through later in life, hell, I can see how a person can break down from having to deal with that type of stress..... $50 a month....what a deadbeat.

Deadbeat parents suck, I don't see how anyone could bring something so precious into the world and then pretend it's not even my dad gets older he attempts to reach know cause he found Jesus...sigh, and I used to try to listen, but I just can't, it's just too much. I don't understand the logic of parents like that. To all you single moms..and dads....I adore you...and I love you. You have got to be made from the strongest cloth on the planet, if you guys see a single mommy/daddy today, show them your support.....send them $100 dollars, surprise them with flowers, offer to baby sit or something...cause i'm telling you, they are a force!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Most Influential Person (MIP)

My granny was a MIP, she was most influential person in my life growing up. Without her, I'm not sure I would have learned what hard work was, nor would I have the attitude I have, I would not be a volunteer, I would not be spiritually grounded, I would not cherish reading, I would not cherish nature. Every morning my grandmother would wake up at the CRACK of dawn, kneel down on the those strong tree trunk looking legs of hers and pray on a stool near the kitchen window....if you ran up on her trying to talk she would straight ignore you, I made that mistake a few times as a child. She would open the window, look outside, smell the fresh air, and literally began to just thank God.

I know I got my work ethic from my grandmother. I watched her be a wife, a mother, a housekeeper, a civil rights speaker, a church goer, an everything. She would drag me with her to the "sick and shut-ins for our church" I remember helping her clean up for women that were drug addicts, alcoholics, she worked her fingers to the bone. She always wanted to help people.

In terms of her everyday job, she worked for a very RICH, Jewish family the Tinkles (yes that's their real name), they were nice people, I use to play with all their stuff when I would go to work with my grandmother, I pretended that their house was my house, I would chase their dog Twinky around the entire house, I loved that dog, he was a Pomeranian. My grandmother taught me that life had a lot to offer, and little did I know that when she would take me with her to work in the summer she was teaching me how to be somebody.

I woke up this morning with her on my mind, and knew when my face was wet with tears that I needed to write, I miss her so much. I really wish she was here to witness the birth of my first child, I wish she could have met my wonderful husband, there are so many things that I wish she could see, some how I know she is watching over me though. In my grandmother's last days, I asked her if she thought leaving Texas was a good idea, I had just left a worthless relationship, I had been promoted to work for the corporate office of Time Warner and they wanted me to move, this was a real turning point in my career/life....anyway, I asked her what she thought, she told me to go...she said it's time for you to go...get married....he's there, and guess what she was right. The whole time I was driving up to VA after my granny passed, I kept seeing butterflies at every rest stop, and that was one of our favorite things to look at outside in her garden as a child, she and I would always point them out while working together.

Sometimes I think my husband is an angel that my grandmother sent to me. He has the biggest heart, really. Each day that we are married I know I married the right person more and more each day. Anyway, I'm all, emotional, the screen is starting to look Be thankful. I hope you all had someone in your life that touched you with so much joy too..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Things I hoped for today

that this war will end soon, and we can start to rebuild peace in this world

that I like the new car I'm about to purchase as much as the convertible I'm giving up to make room for the carseat...sigh

that it gets cooler cause it's hot as fish grease in Lousisiana a field, in Mamou somewhere.

that my mother will never stray from her decision to become sober, and maintain her strength as she had for the last few years

that my son is musically gifted and intelligent, funny, and athletic, and strong

that President Obama will get this country on the right track

that Hillary Clinton will be chosen as VP

that McCain will realize that he is too damn old to be president, and join a nursing home

that I can be productive today, cause i'm not in the mood to work...clearly...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Cruel Summer

I awoke this morning with the following song in my head...cause it's so DAMN HOT! It was 100 degrees yesterday, and guess's not going to be any better today. We have officially pissed God off..he has cut the A/C....I know this song wasn't about heat, but the title it's just so fitting, and that baseline was jamming....

We need another show like FAME...

What I rocked today....

Some old school....

Some new school

More old school

Uhm Yum....Shon....I gotch yo' man!

Natural Hair - Twist

This is a throw back pic put up by special hair is now all black, and alot BIGGER...however, for those of you who are naturals, and you want to do something other than wash and wear to your hair....try dis me say'....use a LITTLE honey OR flax seed gel (works better IMO), and aloe vera gel...mix it will need silver clips...the kind that can grip your hair close at the roots, not the ones with the gaps for roller setting, twist your hair, clip at the top and bottom and top of each plat, sit under the hair dryer, and voila...unravel and you'll have perfect curls!!!

Do you know who you are....

My People ......from Bamako,Mali....perhaps this is why I get chills when I hear/play my djembe....or perhaps this is where I got the gift of music....generations from far away...

The cutest baby ever playing the Djembe

As most of you know one of my favorite pastimes is genealogy research, I cannot fathom why anyone, especially African-Americans, would not want to know who their ancestors are...anyway, the latest and greatest is as follows. Just to give you a background, my grandfather's side of the family was from New Orleans, LA....he was Catholic, and his Great Grandfather was Cuban or Portuguese, something like that, anyway, I know enough about them, too much, my cousin Phyllis Lastrapes has done loads of research on that side..she's written books and done the whole nine.....

Now on my grandmother's side...this is where dna has helped tremendously. I had nil to go on, a few things that were word of mouth but for the most part, after having my DNA reviewed by National Geographic, they discovered all these wonderful things, gave me my DNA coding and off I went on my quest, I've found out so much so far.

For those are you that are considering researching your families...go to National Geographic, sign up for the Genographic Project...once you receive your info, if you are researching your maternal side, check out,, and, you can learn so much, these wonderful databases connect so many families.

I discover new stuff like every quarter, so far I've been able to track down that my maternal ancestors were from Spain, and Africa....primarily Africa, I've learned several surnames, "Samake", "Rodrigues" which is Malian and Brazilian, how cool is that! I've also discovered a Malian musician, Sibiri Samake in our family tree....all kinds of neat stuff. There is nothing like "knowing" who you are.....

Oh, and on my husband's side, I am now ...related to yes...Mr. Alex Haley himself, RIP, how freggin cool is that????? His mother's family is some how connected to Mr. Haley... how is that for "Roots" ironic....anyway "know thyself"'s so easy these days!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

So I am watching the Michael Baisden show

...which I typically don't do, infact I rarely flip to BET at all, however, tonight the topic is interesting, it's regarding "Black Men Not Doing Enough in the Bedroom", so there are all these women discussing "foreplay", and how it's SO important, well I have to tell you, I do not require alot of foreplay, I do however require, what I like to call....good monkey sex.

Forelplay is overrated IMO, all these women are complaining about wanting 2-3 hours of this and that, uhm why? Is the main event not eventful enough? Now don't get me wrong, I need the "Love Jones" sex every now and then, ya know, some nice sexy neosoul, a bedroom full of candles,etc, but for the most part, I am just fine with the "Porno Sex" most days. All that other business takes too damn long, I suppose I'm impatient....I like the main course, what can I say.

Anyway, now the show is getting on my subject..

Friday, June 6, 2008

What are you doing tonight?

I am at home on the couch watching "Charlie Wilson's War", what are you doing?

Lawd this is funny

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hi Everybody!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Learn from the youth

Yall know last night bought tears to my eyes right? I'm so proud to be an American today. I wish my grandparents were alive to see Obama, they would not believe it, but our youth, well we are a different breed.

I am truly proud of my country...really...ain't NObody betta talk bad bout' america! Anyway, last night got me thinking, I have a kid on the way, and I just hope I can raise him to be a unconditionally loving soul.....the world needs more of them, speaking of which, check out the story below, it's so touching...

I hope and pray that one day we can all keep love/life simple like these two did....

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga. -- Adults didn't see a drowning 5-year-old, but his 6-year-old friend did.

Haden Stusak, 6, of Fayetteville is being called a hero after he dived into a pool to investigate a shadow on the bottom that turned out to be his friend.

Josiah Buddah, 5, and Haden are buddies. Haden is a good swimmer, but Josiah can't swim without his water wings.

On Sunday, Josiah took off his water wings and sank to the bottom of the deep end.

"I was scared, I was scared," said Josiah.

An adult spotted a shadow in the pool, but couldn't get to it. No one knew the shadow was Josiah. But Haden got curious and dove down to investigate. He had been practicing diving to the bottom. When he discovered Josiah, he grabbed him and pulled him to the surface.

VIDEO: 6-Year-Old Saves 5-Year-Old Friend From Drowning

"Well, I grabbed him like that; he was like unconscious. I grabbed him and I was swimming like this," said Haden.

"He jumped inside the water; he helped me get back up," said Josiah.

Two nurses and doctor started CPR.

"They took me to the hospital," said Josiah. "I was dead and couldn't breathe."

It all happened in seconds.

"I could have been burying my baby this week, so just to know that he's here, No. 1, is amazing, because to see your child lifeless for a few minutes, you think it's over," said Josiah's mother, Judith Buddha.

"So I called 'Help, help, he drowned,'" said Haden.

Haden's parents told Channel 2 they ask him not to talk so loudly and to keep his voice down. This is one time they're glad they heard his screams.

Josiah is doing well and is now swimming with a float suit. He will start lessons in a couple of weeks.

And in true hero fashion, Haden says what he did was no big deal.

"Were friends. That's what friends do," said Haden.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Blackness Confirmed

Me as a Mucha

I found this on another blogger's website's pretty fun to play around with, you can see what you would look like as another race...let's just say I'm happy to be second choice according to the trial run I did with this tool is definitely asian, and perhaps then Mucha....everything else was a disaster, God knew what he was doing when he made me! Have fun with this one