Friday, July 18, 2008

Hypothetically Speaking.........................

Let's say you are on a bus, train, airplane, somewhere where you are in close quarters with other individuals and they are using the N-word and/or cursing very loudly

You can't other seats around.....
Would you say something to them?
If you answered yes, would your confrontation be contingent on the person's age, would if differ if it was teenagers/thugs/rednecks/old black folks/real ghetto folks/ snobbie folks? How would you respond?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

IF someone has the nuts to use that word in a public setting ( and I don't mean in the "what's up my "N" hand slapping, dapping each other up 'bruh man' greeting type way-even though that is GHETTO as hell in my book) then it's a safe bet that this person has no qualms regarding offending others and probably invites confrontation with glee. Anyone who demonstrates behavior that is rude and obviously offensive to those in their immediate company (strangers or not) in my book is quite ignorant and doesn't need to be told how to conduct themselves-THEY ARE GROWN ASS FOLKS- at least "grown" enough to exhibit that type of behavior. I would rather inform the attendant and have them diffuse the situation or if there is no one-then I'd stay the hell quiet and make a quick exit once my trip has concluded.


July 21, 2008 at 10:34 AM  

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