Friday, July 18, 2008

Old people think they slick....

So i'm on my way back to DC, headed to Union Station. I boared the train in Charlotte, NC, we waited to get on board in a single file line....for like 30 minutes, reason being is because seating is first come first serve in COACH and no one wants a bad seat...anyway, this little group of old ladies tried to act "crazy" on purpose, like they got what my granny use to call a "bad understanding". They pretended as if they didn't understand the line situation.

These old bitties rushed the line, mind you we had all been waiting for at least 30 minutes....these bingo bunnies rushed the line and then tried to act like they could not hear, turning to each other talking about "Agnes, what did she say? huh? do we need to be in that line?? Knowing DAMN well that we weren't all standing there for nothing, I know these ladies were old and wise because and soon as the "train lady, warden chick that was in charge" left, they were giggling.

Honestly, it was too cute. Getting old has it's perks....and for that reason, I can't WAIT to get old, i'm so playing that card, you guys have NO idea......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, they have certainly earned the right to act a fool, haven't they? lol. I'm with you on the "playing that card" thing. Although some may concur that I started to play the "dumb" role really early on!!


July 21, 2008 at 10:14 AM  

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